Hiring a Virtual Assistant is not like hiring an employee. Not even close! When you engage the services of Steps3 Plus, we form a business relationship with other like-minded business owners in order to provide the support and services that will help them grow and prosper.

  1. You no longer need to spend valuable time on tasks you don’t have time for, dislike doing or do not know how to do. Steps3 Plus takes care of that for you.
  2. No need to provide a physical workspace. Steps3 Plus works from their own offices.
  3. No need to provide costly equipment for your VA to use. Steps3 Plus has all of the equipment needed in order to help you succeed.
  4. No need to deal with payroll, taxes or benefits. Steps3 Plus are not your employees but professionals who partner with you to provide the services and help you really need.
  5. You can have the time to focus on the more important issues of your business. Steps3 Plus takes care of the tasks you to free up your time.
  6. You have a partner to “bounce” ideas off of. Steps3 Plus are business owners just like you.
  7. You have the freedom to work on growing and improving your business skills, knowledge, and relationships. Steps3 Plus takes care of the back stage to free up your on-stage steps.
  8. You have flexibility to assume new, challenging opportunities. Hiring Steps3 Plus gives you that flexibility and opportunities.
  9. You have a peace of mind knowing that the details are being taken care of. Steps3 Plus
  10. You are finally able to run your business instead of it running you. Steps3 Plus takes care of the tasks in order for you to focus on what you really want to do.

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