Forms & Templates

Did you know you can save time with templates, checklists and forms?   Having these tools in your business will increase productivity, reduce errors and will help your whole team collaborate more efficiently.  

Business Systemization

Every business, small or large, must have their procedures written down in order to grow, retain staff and eliminate costly errors. Steps3 Plus can help you systemize your business to go from chaos to clarity.

Research & Database

Get the information you need when you need it! Steps3 Plus will help by doing the research for you and compile it in a database or word document. Whether you are looking for online research or database help, we can help!

Want to get out of your rut and reclaim your time? Get more time to work on your business, not in your business?

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My Story

My Story

Hello! I'm Sylvie Leroux-Lanthier, Business Systemizer Consultant, and I started Steps3 Plus because I wanted to help small businesses succeed in their goals. I spent many years working for others and when I no longer had a full-time job, I had to make a decision. I had been thinking for some time to start my own business, so now it was the time to take the leap of faith. It was an easy decision. I wanted the freedom to choose the people I wanted to help, people like me. Women entrepreneurs who think big, who think positive and love what they do. Just like I do. I have fun at what I do and want to share that. Contact me for a free consultation to learn more on how I can help you get you what you need, when you need it! I will help you: Save more money, earn more profit, get more free time so that you can do what you love to do! Contact me now! At Steps3 Plus, I "Take the extra steps for your success.”...

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What Clients Say

Sylvie has saved me! I used to spend countless hours attempting to create beautiful, functional checklists and templates but only ending up with ones that I didn’t love. I would get frustrated, overwhelmed and spend time doing things I wasn’t good at. Now, I simply send her my ideas and outlines and she saves me by producing beautiful & functional checklists that my clients & prospects love!

Diana Lidstone | The Entrepreneur's G.P.S.

Sylvie is a pleasure to work with. I required assistance with a few projects and Sylvie was available and ready to take them on. She understood what was required and delivered completed research projects on time. She is great with forms and whenever I need one, she is my go to person. She eliminates the worry for me of how am I going to accomplish this in the timeframe I have. She delivers quality, maintaining confidentiality at all times. I recommend Sylvie highly.

Della Bercovitch | DELLAGATE Remote Office Management

Sylvie is always punctual and very well organized. I love that every time we meet Sylvie has an organized plan to deliver! The forms Sylvie has done for me are absolutely perfect for my business! Any tweaks that need to be done are always done quickly and efficiently.

Debra Bonneville-Laundrie | Paper and Piano

Sylvie is our ‘go to’ person when we need additional support in our company. She listens to our needs and then produces the results required in the timeframe given. An asset to any company!

Julie Dunleavy | Core Powered Inc.